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Property Insurance
Property insurance includes several forms of insurance like:

Earthquake Insurance
This is a kind of property insurance that compensates the insurer in case his property faces any kind of loss due to earthquake, but it is to be kept in mid that homeowners insurance does not provide security in case of damages caused by earthquake. Such type of insurance coverage comes with high deductible rates that gains if the property gets fully damaged and does not help much in case of small losses.

Fire Insurance

Fire insurance also falls under the forms of property insurance that offers protection to office, residences, hospitals, shops, industries and corporate offices. Damages caused by explosion, strike, riot, terrorist acts, landslide burst etc are all covered under this and damages caused by war, any electrical equipment or temperature change are not covered under such an insurance policy.

Home Insurance
Home insurance is the kind of property insurance that offers insurance coverage to the homes. This insurance also gives liability protection (for accidents occurring inside the home) and also property protection at the same time for a single premium. This insurance covers the home, its contents and personal possession.

Flood Insurance
This is also another type of property insurance that offers insurance coverage against any kind of damages suffered by the property in an event of a flood. Such type of an insurance is not very common in India as it is often covered under the home insurance and is not needed to separately adopt a policy as such.

Boiler Insurance
Boiler insurance is that form of property insurance that compensates for damages suffered by your home boiler or any kind of electrical equipment of your house with some exceptions attached to it.

Methods to get property insurance

There are mainly two ways to gain property insurance and they are Open Perils - Property insured through open peril policy offers coverage for all sorts of loss resulted from floods, act of terrorism, earthquakes and war.

Named Perils - Property insured through named peril policy offers coverage for all sorts of loss that are particularly listed in the policy documents. The most common named includes range of loss cused by explosion, fire, theft and lightning.

Tip for you
Full coverage of property is only possible through the best suited Insurance cover, so you must choose very wisely and one thing that should always kept into mind is that high deductible rates always gets low premium.