Personal Accident Insurance
Personal Accident Insurance , life insurance protection for accident injury will be inadequate. Moreover if you are injured you will not be able to work. In order to keep away from this situation an accident insurance for an accident is important and unavoidable. Accident insurance is essential because insurance plans normally give cover for a variety of accident injuries. Some insurance give cash benefits if you are hospitalized. There are many more such similar benefits with different accident insurance plans which can be helpful if injured in an accident.

If you sustain injuries in a accident not due to your fault the personal accident advice suggest you to make an accident claim. Accident advice also suggests that you should contact an accident lawyer and give all the records such as police report, medical report, details of witnesses and information about the accident responsible person for filing your accident claim for compensation.

A personal accident claim can be initiated by you and leave it for your accident solicitor to complete it. There is no need for you to work for the claim in-between in the process of claim. However it is your responsibility to determine to start the claim. But it is very important to remember to remain with your accident solicitor if you want to get maximum compensation.

You should not take a very long time to determine to make your accident claim started because according to law your claim should be filed within three years from the date of the accident. If you are caught up in a accident you are entitled to get personal accident compensation.

Accident compensation can help you to face all your extra living expenses due to your accident injury if you are not able to attend duty. If your claim is settled by insurance company you should know that if the accident occurred as a result of consuming alcohol or drugs, no compensation will be paid to you. Compensation may be denied even if you had some injury or illness before the current injury.

Personal accident injury may be sustained due to accident at work, road accident or a public place accident; the type of accident makes no difference, if you are injured you can make an accident injury claim. Further if you are injured in an accident the extent of the injury is not considered for making a claim, but the compensation is based on the extent of the accident injury. Personal accident insurance gives an income if you are injured in an accident and as a result injury if you are unable to work. Accident insurance is popular in construction industry because of the special offer that the compensation is awarded for inability to work just for one month.

Suicide, accident under the influence of drugs, alcohol, consequences of pregnancy, war, criminal breach of law and some other conditions that specified by the insurance companies are not subject to compensation, buyers are to take heed of these before they purchase.

If the insured has an existing illness, disease or injury, and are worsened by an accident, the insurer reserves the right to asses the effects that the condition, sickness, disease or injury has on the insured’s body, and the compensation can be reduced.

For personal accident policy, the compensation is categorized as permanent total disability, permanent partial disability and temporary total disability, each has respective specification of compensation.
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