Aviva Life Insurance
Aviva Life Insurance Company is one of the private insurance companies in India which offers quite an array of insurance services to its customers, and persons all over India.

It is the 5th largest insurance company in the world and since its enactment in 1834, Aviva continues to ensure that the lives of Indians are safe and protected through the various insurance policies that they offer.

Aviva Life Insurance Company offers excellent insurance services and is further focused on their customers changing needs, their life insurance plans are meant to provide you with flexible options that go hand in hand with your protection as well as needs.

Aviva basically offers a full range of flexible and products based on value rather than money. Some of their insurance products include:
• Whole life insurance
• Endowment
• Traditional endowment
• Child plan
• Pension schemes, among many others.
Their products are modern and offer a unique customer benefits which may for instance include, partial withdrawals, indexation, ability to choose cover levels, together with automatic asset allocation plan which in a great way changes the risk plan for your investments.

Bond fund; this will help you in developing a great income, since you will be investing high income securities, something beneficial for you.

Protector fund; this basically offers progressive returns, on your investment by offering you with an investment with higher elements of your assets especially in debt securities.

Secure fund; the objective of this fund is basically ensuring that you get progressive returns on your investments with a minimum guarantee on the maturity period; it basically comprises of debt securities.
Apart from offering the fund services, Aviva life insurance better still ensures that you create your own boundary by taking risks and realizing what they mean to you. This has greatly helped the company in expanding their horizons in ensuring as steady personal and professional growth.

Aviva life insurance continues to grow in offering insurance services ranging from whole life covers, to personal covers, as well as additional policies which cover the better part of life insurance. You can catch some hot insurance stuff from Aviva life insurance India.

Aviva Life Insurance Company India Limited is a UK-based insurance company established in 1696. At present, it has about 359 billion pounds of assets under management. Aviva operates in over 27 countries with a customer base of over 40 million. Operating in India since 1834 with Dabur India Limited, it also became the first foreign insurance company in India to establish its representative office in 1995. Aviva holds the minority 26 per cent stake in the joint venture.